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About Us

Residents and their families should all review our general information page. It contains important information about our facility and your loved one's care that does not fit into any of the categories below.

Policies and Procedures

Admissions and Payment

Hartley Hall Staff

Marsha Strauss RN, CNO is here to assist you when there are concerns or problems with delivery of nursing or supportive care. If you have a question about the patient's overall medical treatment, or if you have a complaint about a nursing staff member, she is the one to contact. In the event that Mrs. Strauss is unavailable, you may contact the charge nurse at the station.

Tina Dykes, LSWA handles the mental/behavioral needs of residents. She monitors the adjustment to nursing home placement and helps to facilitate acceptance of placement both for the resident and the family.

Debbie Soth, CDM, Food Service Manager is the person to contact if you have a question or concern about the resident's dietary regimen. Although we attempt to satisfy patient's individual preferences, we are held responsible by both State and Federal regulations to provide a balanced diet within their guidelines.

Brenda Townsend, Activities Director is responsible for recreational and socialization aspects of the resident's residence. Her goal is to provide a wide range of activities to meet the varying degrees of needs of our residents. She is able to inform you of their level of participation or refusal to take part in her program.

Ken Endres, Business Office Manager handles the residents' monies by depositing social security checks, self pay checks, keeping an accurate report of all resident personal fund accounts and issuing quarterly statements to residents and their families.

Lorrie Dollar is in the Business Office and can help you in applying for Medicare and Medical Assistance benefits. Ms. Dollar is in direct contact with the Medicare and Medical Assistance offices.

If your questions or concerns are not addressed satisfactorily, then you may contact me. In all cases except emergencies, it is preferable that you call and arrange a time to come in so that we may give your concern the personal attention it deserves. This is sometimes difficult while we are occupied with other activities. In any event, we want our residents and our families to feel comfortable to come to us with suggestions or problems. It is important to us all to keep open communication on both ends. Thank you for choosing Hartley Hall Nursing Home.

Gary Crowley, LNHA