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Advance Payment

Your advance payment is a kind of "floating" fee payment, applied to the cost of each month of nursing home service before you are billed for that month. At the end of each month of service, you will receive a bill for the exact cost of your fees and expenses for that month, and payment will be due upon receipt of bill. In this way, you pay for the services you actually use after the month in which you use them. The one-time advance payment allows us to give you the convenience of "in arrears" billing.

If you leave Hartley Hall or if your payment status changes from private pay to Medicaid, the $6500.00 advance payment will be applied to your last month's private pay bill. We will settle the final bill promptly and issue you a check for any refund due, or let you know if you owe any additional amount.

By signing the Admission Agreement you have agreed that the $6000.00 advance payment is a one-time fee paid to Hartley Hall, and is not a security deposit or a deposit of resident funds. You will not receive interest on the advance payment.

If you have any questions about the advance payment, please feel free to ask the office manager or the administrator.