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Complaint Procedures

  1. Every resident has the right to make a complaint about this facility without fear of retribution in any form from any staff member.

  2. The resident or the resident's agent shall be given the opportunity to present complaints to:

    1. Staff Personnel
    2. Administrator
    3. Medical Director
    4. Department Heads
    5. Other persons or groups
  3. If the resident or the resident's agent chooses, the complaint may be presented to the administrator of this facility or his designee, who shall resolve the complaint within 4 working days.

  4. A complaint may be received by this facility orally, by telephone, mail, office visit or direct outreach by staff. An individual must file a complaint within 180 days of knowing and perceived knowing that the act or omission occurred unless the time limit is waived by the Secretary of DHHS for good cause shown.

  5. The signature of the resident is not required.

  6. A copy of all unresolved complaints will be submitted to the administrator and the response to these shall be forwarded to the Office on Aging and the State Department of Health.

  7. This facility maintains a permanent record for inspection by the Office on Aging or State Department of Health of all complaints submitted to the Administrator or his designee which are considered by the facility as resolved.

  8. Residents may not be subject to retaliation by the administrator or any staff member as the result of the submittal of a complaint.

  9. A copy of this facility's complaint procedure as described above shall be:

    1. Given to every resident or the resident's agent or both, upon admission.
    2. Given to every resident in this facility.